1.0          PURPOSE:                            To address safety issues faced by those persons driving University owned vehicles or personal

vehicles to conduct University business.


2.0                  RESPONSIBILITY:

2.1                  Policies and procedures will be administered through the McNeese State University Safe Driver Program and will be coordinated by an approved Program Designee.


2.2                  The President of McNeese State University will assign said program Program Designee.

2.2.1             Considering the number of persons and the amount of information and paperwork necessary in a program of such scope and caliber, the Program Designee must have the cooperation and assistance of all supervisors, employees, student workers, and students.


2.3                  The Program Designee will be responsible for providing an accurate, updated list of all authorized drivers of University owned vehicles to the University physical plant.

2.3.1             Only authorized drivers will be allowed to operate University owned vehicles.

2.3.2             The Program Designee will notify each supervisor whether or not an employee is authorized to drive his/her personal vehicle to conduct University business.


3.0                  PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION


3.1                  The program is subject to revision at any time in order to increase and enhance the safety of the University community and the general public.


3.2                  All policies and procedures outlined in this program apply to members of the University community, supervisors of employees, employees, student workers, and students authorized to drive either a University owned vehicle or personal vehicle while conducting University business or state business.


3.3                  Students, not including student workers, authorized to drive a University vehicle include the following:

3.3.1             Students participating in University sanctioned team sports

3.3.2             Members of University sanctioned student organizations

3.3.3             Students traveling, with a faculty member, to fulfill their course requirements (i.e. lecture off campus, special training sessions, etc.) 

3.3.4             Academic events

3.3.5             Student personnel related events

3.3.6             Any other University sanctioned event


3.4                  All students authorized to drive University owned vehicles to such events do so under the auspices and supervision of a University faculty or staff member. 


3.5                  Any member of the University community (faculty, staff and students) are required to successfully complete a ‘Safe Driver Course’ to be authorized to utilized a University owned vehicle or personal vehicle driven for University business / event.

3.5.1             Documentation of successful completion will be filed with the Program Administrator.

3.5.2             Training is valid for a period of three years.        Refresher training must be completed on or before the expiration date of the initial training and every three years thereafter.


4.0                  VEHICLE USAGE


4.1                  University faculty and staff members are the only persons allowed to reserve a University owned vehicle.

4.1.1             By reserving a University vehicle and allowing a student or student worker to drive the vehicle, the faculty/staff member assumes responsibility for the student/student worker driving the vehicle.

4.1.2             Students and student workers are not allowed to reserve University owned vehicles. 

4.1.3             It shall be the duty and obligation of the reserving faculty /staff member to impress upon the student driver the importance of following all rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

4.1.4             Only those authorized drivers will be allowed to obtain a vehicle.        The authorized driver must complete a ‘Vehicle Checklist’ (Section 7: Forms) before operating the vehicle.             Any maintenance problem noted should be remedied before leaving the physical plant motor pool area. 

4.1.5             Drivers utilizing University or personal vehicles must obey all parish ordinances, and state and federal laws pertaining to the operation of a motor vehicle.        Prior to utilizing their personal vehicle, the employee must receive written authorization from his or her supervisor allowing this action.        Employees must provide proof of the minimum liability insurance, on his/her personal vehicle.      All parties utilizing either a University vehicle or their personal vehicle to conduct University business must report any violation of a motor vehicle law or ordinance to his or her supervisor immediately.             Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions.