1.0          PURPOSE                             McNeese State University recognizes that members of the University community

represent diverse groups.  These differences must be recognized and respected by all who intend to be a part of the University community.  The commission of any act that discriminates against or harasses another as relative to race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or age will not be tolerated.


2.0          ADMINISTRATION:              The Human Resources Department and Special Services and Equity Department are

responsible for the administration of the Diversity Awareness Policy.


3.0          INCORPORATION:               The Diversity Awareness Policy shall be incorporated into the Faculty / Staff Handbook,

the Code of Student Conduct, Classified Civil Service Handbook and other appropriate policy records that govern behaviors or grievance procedures relating to University employees and/or students.


Further Information:

For further information concerning the university’s Diversity Awareness Policy, contact the Human Resources Department or Special Services and Equity Department or click here to view policy