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Welcome! This program helps you find career success using your personality strengths.

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Mission Statement

TypeFocus Internet wants to change people's lives through the power of self-discovery using personality type insights. We bring this information into practical career-focused applications by providing online personality assessments and personalized career reports at affordable prices. Through our programs, people will understand themselves better and use that knowledge to develop better relationships, choose more satisfying careers and become more effective in their lives.

Company History

David J. Wood, B.A., M.A., M.P.A., president of TypeFocus™ Internet Inc., has been a consultant and educator since 1970. He is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and trained at the graduate level in psychometrics; his initial program, StudentFocus, has been officially recommended by the B.C. Ministry of Education, Canada, as a Grade Collection (highest level) resource for the Grades 11 & 12 Career and Personal Planning curriculum.
He has been a college instructor, hospital administrator, and since 1986, the principal of On The Edge Seminars, a training company devoted to personal and organizational effectiveness. Working as a consultant/counselor, he became increasingly convinced about the positive value of self-awareness in people's lives. He discovered that the best model for understanding one's self was based on Carl Jung's theories in the area of personality type theory. The instrument of choice for assessing one's personality type is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, an instrument that Mr. Wood became an expert at using.
Over the years, Mr. Wood developed his own parallel questionnaire called the TypeFocus Personality Profile that also measures one's personality type. He spent five years developing and refining the first commercial version of his own questionnaire. He incorporated TypeFocus™ Software in August, 1997 and published the TypeFocus™ Personality Profile in the multi-media software program called the StudentFocus Program.
StudentFocus has received excellent reviews from the teachers who use it in their high school Career and Personal Planning Programs. A follow-up program called CareerFocus was published in 1998, which helps adults in career transitions, and it too has been well received.
To reach the entire world with the liberating knowledge of one's own personality type, TypeFocus™ Software has decided to focus on an Internet delivery model and changed its name to TypeFocus™ Internet and went online in January 2000.


At TypeFocus Internet, we've worked hard to develop a product that has proven itself at numerous schools, colleges, universities and community career centers. The Internet provides a rare opportunity to increase the quality of services and reduce the price at the same time.


4205 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA 70609
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