Sports & Recreation

Concealed Handgun
Instructor:Earl Gothreaux

This course fulfills the training requirement for those wishing to apply for the Louisiana Concealed Handgun License, but, is also open to anyone wanting to learn about handguns. Topics covered include firearm selection, tactics, basic marksmanship and safety.

There will be classroom instruction on McNeese's campus at the first meeting and pistol range instruction at the range for the second class. The fee covers everything except targets and ammunition. Limited to 12 students.

On the first day, students will meet on the McNeese campus; on the second day, they will meet at Hunters' Supply & Pistol Range, located at 3514 Kirkman St.

Supply List

Location: Tues, McNeese: Thurs, 3514 Kirkman St
July 23 & 25
Time:5:30 - 9:30 pm


Golf Basics
Instructor:*Neel Derouen (info)

It's been said that only good things can happen on a golf course, though that's a little hard to remember as your ball sails into a sand trap or water pond. Whether for business or recreation, you can make golf fun by learning the basics of a good club swing, including grip, aim, setup and backswings. Learn chipping and pitching from a pro while shaving strokes from your score. Geared to all levels of golfers.

Supply List

Location: New Moon Drive-In Range, 4200 Gerstner Memorial Dr.
Date:Monday - Friday
July 15 - 19
Time:5:30 - 6:30 pm


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