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McNeese has a growing international student population, with approximately 400 international students from nearly 50 different countries. We have fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs. Of particular interest to international students are our Engineering, Business, Nursing, Computer Science and Education programs.

For specific information on the programs and degrees that we offer at McNeese, please visit the catalog website at for more information.

The deadline for the Fall Semester is May 15 and the deadline for the Spring Semester is October 15 for receipt of all required documents and exam scores, but we continue to process applications after the deadline and try to process in time for entrance in Fall Semester which begins mid-August or Spring Semester which begins mid-January. Applications that are received by the deadline will be given priority and we cannot guarantee that applications received after the deadline will be processed in time for admission. A student can defer their admission to the next semester by sending us an email if there is not enough time to enter for the applied semester.

An outline of the cost of attendance at McNeese State University can also be viewed online at under “Semester Specific Class Schedule Information” for a specific semester. Fees are subject to change. Some scholarships, non-resident fee waivers, or partial non-resident fee waivers are also available to students who qualify and subject to budget availability. In addition to tuition, international students are required to pay approximately $100 per semester for the International Student Insurance Policy and $50 per semester for the foreign fee. Room and board on campus are estimated to cost approximately $2500 per semester, though this cost varies greatly depending on the type of room and meal plan you choose, and is also subject to change. In addition, academically qualified students can apply for other scholarship awards which are based on academic excellence and performance on the computed GPA from your official transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS, and ACT/SAT or GRE/GMAT, and vary on the amount of tuition reduction depending on the award.

A final admissions decision cannot be made until we have received all required official transcripts, forms, documents, and exam scores sent directly to McNeese by the testing agency. All required forms can be downloaded and printed from our website at You must submit the following listed below to apply for admission:

  1. International Student Application for Admission

  2. Affidavit of Support Form and Official Bank Letter (For F-1 Students Only)
    Please read and follow the instructions very carefully. You must provide the Affidavit of Support Form promising the required $ amount of support from your sponsor each year and include all necessary signatures. You must also provide an official, original bank statement or bank letter verifying that your sponsor currently has the equivalent of the required $ amount for the first year of study in U.S. dollars deposited in a bank account.

  3. Proof of Immunization form
    Every student must complete and return this document prior to admission to McNeese. If your medical records are unavailable, you may complete and sign the request for exemption section on the Proof of Immunization form.

  4. $30.00 application fee
    Please make out the check, money order, or demand draft to “McNeese State University” for $30 drawn on a US bank.

  5. Official transcripts and diplomas
    Official transcripts and diplomas/provisional certificates from all schools attended must be sent to McNeese directly from the school or by the applicant in envelopes sealed by the school and must be certified by the school’s registrar, controller of exams or attestation officer. Students applying for a graduate (master) program must only send official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended, including any US institutions, once grades are posted for the last semester attended. Students applying for an undergraduate (bachelor) program who have attended a university or college for one full semester must only send official transcripts from all universities/colleges attended, including any US institutions, once grades are posted for the last semester attended. Students applying for an undergraduate (bachelor) program who have never attended a university or college must only send official high school/secondary school transcripts from all high schools/secondary schools attended, including any US institutions, once grades are posted for the last semester attended. Your GPA will be calculated in our office and must meet the minimum requirements of 2.35 for undergraduate applicants, 2.50 for graduate applicants, 2.75 for environmental science/chemistry graduate applicants, and 3.00 for engineering graduate applicants.

  6. Evaluation of Foreign Credentials:An Official Course-By-Course Evaluation of Credentials for all College/University Credit Earned from Foreign Institutions

    Transcripts must be evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (, Global Credential Evaluators, Inc. (, or World Education Services, Inc. ( Detailed instructions for ordering a course-by-course credential evaluation can be found on each evaluator’s website. The official credential evaluation must be sent directly from the evaluation service to McNeese State University.

  7. Official TOEFL or IELTS score
    TOEFL scores must be mailed directly from the testing agency to McNeese (Code=6403) or a copy of the IELTS score report form must be sent to McNeese by the student with the Test Report Form Number so we can verify the scores online. The required minimum TOEFL scores are 173 CBT/61 IBT for undergraduate applicants, 195 CBT/71 IBT for graduate applicants, 205 CBT/75 IBT for environmental science/chemistry graduate applicants, 220 CBT/83 IBT for engineering graduate applicants, and 213 CBT/79 IBT for MBA graduate applicants, or the required minimum IELTS scores are 5.0 for undergraduate applicants, 6.0 for graduate applicants, and 6.5 for engineering graduate applicants. If you have attended a US university/college for at least two semesters we will waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirement.

  8. Official GRE (for graduate applicants) or GMAT (for MBA graduate applicants)

    GRE or GMAT scores must be mailed directly from the testing agency to McNeese (Code=6403 for GRE and GMAT). The required minimum GMAT score is 400 for MBA graduate applicants. The required minimum GRE score is 1050 Verbal+Quantitative (650 Quantitative) for engineering graduate applicants and 900 (Verbal+Quantitative) for environmental science/chemistry graduate applicants. The required GRE score for other graduate applicants is calculated based on the student’s GRE score and calculated GPA.

  9. Official ACT or SAT scores for undergraduate applicants
    Official ACT or SAT scores must be mailed directly from the testing agency to McNeese (Code=6403 for SAT; Code=1594 for ACT). The required minimum ACT score is 18 English/19 Math OR minimum SAT score is 450 Verbal/460 Math. If you have undergraduate coursework from a US university/college we will evaluate your transcript and may be able to waive the SAT/ACT if you have the McNeese equivalent of English 101/ College Algebra once the final transcript is received.

  10. Academic Scholarship Application (optional)
    To be considered for the Academic Scholarship this form must be received in our office before the applicant arrives at McNeese. The scholarships are available to students who enter McNeese in the Fall Semester or Spring Semester only.

  11. Access Award/Non-Resident Fee Waiver Application (optional)
    To be considered for the Access Award/Non-Resident Fee Waiver this form must be received in our office.  This is available to students who enter McNeese in the Fall Semester or Spring Semester only.  The form can be downloaded from

  12. On Campus Housing Application (optional)
    For information on campus housing, please visit or email to

  13. 3 Recommendation Letters are required for environmental science/chemistry graduate applicants only.

  14. Transfer Credit
    You will be considered a transfer student if you have any university/college credit in the US or in another country. Transfer credit for graduate students transferring from a US university/college will be decided by the department once the student arrives at McNeese. Decisions regarding undergraduate transfer credit from a US university/college will be processed and evaluated once the student is accepted to McNeese and the final transcript from the US institution is received in our office. Decisions regarding transfer credit from another country are made by the individual departments and if you are admitted to McNeese you will need official course descriptions from your university/college and official translations in English of all courses you wish to be considered for transfer credit (the evaluation will be done once the student arrives at McNeese during the first semester of study). For MBA students, the department will evaluate your undergraduate courses and decide if you have met all pre-requisites after receiving official course descriptions from the universities/colleges you have attended.

International admissions requirements are subject to change.

The mailing address for McNeese State University is:

McNeese State University
International Student Affairs
Box 90180
Lake Charles, LA 70609

Some couriers require the exact street address which is:

McNeese State University
Office of Admissions
Kaufman Hall, Room 151
4205 Ryan Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Please feel free to contact us at with any additional questions.

International Student Affairs

International Student Affairs
McNeese State University
4205 Ryan Street
Box 90180
Lake Charles, LA 70609
(337) 475-5962 or
(337) 475-5243


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