Campus Violence Prevention Policy - Other Programs 6.13

McNeese State University
Vice President of Business Affairs
Office of Environmental, Health, Safety & Hazardous Waste


The safety and security of McNeese State University employees, students, vendors, contractors and the general public are of vital importance. Therefore, acts of violence made by a person(s) against another person's life, health, wellbeing, family or property will not be tolerated.


The administration of this policy is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department.
A Violence Prevention Team will assist in the investigation of reported incidents.
The team is comprised of the Vice President of Administration and Student Life, the Vice President of Special Services and Equity, the University Police Chief, the Director of Media Services and the Coordinator of Counseling.

3.0Policy Availability

The most current Campus Violence Prevention Policy is available from the Human Resources Department or online at the Campus Violence Prevention Policy.

A copy of the policy has been placed behind this cover sheet.